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Over my time on the GameSpy Forums, I have made many pictures.
Some of them are from competitions, some come from boredom.
I have arranged them into a few categories, for your viewing pleasure:

Animated pictures
These were mostly done in the era when I lacked photoshop and made all my pictures in MSPaint. They are drawn poorly, but are high in Comedy, Iron and Fibre.
Pre-Photoshop Pictures
There was a time when I didn't have photoshop. There are hardly any pics here, because I relied on animation for the funny back then.
Pictures from the present
Most of my best pictures are in here. I made them with photoshop, and I think they are slightly better than the old ones.
Spot the difference
Once upon a time, I made a thread for images I had made. They were "spot the difference". Hey, it was a change from making fun of LDL..
If I couldn't find a place to stick it, and Zilla's ass was taken, then I put it in here. Desktops, logos and randomness within.