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The game where insane people get to pull together and make a story with their combined insanity.

Here are all the games I have saved, from which I have participated in:

Yarn 1 Fastdaman uses the word ftar. Chiquita likes bananas. MrZilla sucks the yung hwang and Boogilywoo was drafted and killed in 'Nam.
Yarn 2 WARNING! If BangBang is eating a bannana on your bed - GET OUT OF THERE! The midgets are coming!
Yarn 3 LDL's mom's biblecamp is teh best!!!111!!!
Yarn 4 UNG! SO TIGHT! OHHHH! Sorry about that, I was humping the clan. The moral is: Don't swim in the toilet without flushing beforehand.
Yarn 5 If Corben is humping a dog and Fastdaman walks in with whores, you know its going to be an interesting yet painful day.
Yarn 6 Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to goat-sex with Fastdaman's pet goat.
Yarn 7 Even educational videos end up involving LDL's mom and her frabulastic obnormous amounts of flabby flesh. Never ride a bobsleigh kids.
Yarn 8 MrZilla + Chiuitqa = Song = Lesbian Gramba Ferret Pirate Sex = LDL's Mom = LDL's childhood of condom sucking and fish molesting...
Yarn 9 If you see the croc hunter tape your bumhole shut with ducktape or bend over
Yarn 10 MrZilla likes Spider-Putting the word Spider before everyword, He also likes doing Frogs in bushes. Fastdaman is God and Techpriest is Kurt Cobain.
Yarn 11 if u see a monkey raping a old man stay well clear and for health and saftey reasons i rekon u shuld stop playin this game it polutes ur brain wiv all sorts of shit!
Yarn 12 Eat the rich, there's only one thing that they're good for. Eat the rich, take one bite now and come back for more. Eat the rich, don't stop me now I'm going crazy. Eat the rich!