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All my beastly wrong-doings are here..

I did some nasty shit in my time. I also made a few flash movies and things like that.

Exploding Eccentric
- Movie..

Eccentric thinks it's just a normal day driving in his car
Music: "Watch Your Back" by Benny Cassette
Size: 287kb
Build Me Up Buttercup
- Music Video..

Starring various members of the Gamespy Forums, It is a music video, with much craziness and bad mouth synching.
Size: 549kb
Beat LDL
- Game..

A game in which you have a choice of characters to "Beat LDL" with. Have fun!
Since the guys at the forums have been asking me to include blood, screaming and detatchable limbs, another version is being planned. Version 2 coming soon...
Size: 73kb