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All my avatars are here.

- Used this for Cereal Samurai's avatar week. It is Warren from "There's Something About Mary".
- I think I will use this Icon for a while, It is from a cartoon stip in a MTB magazine called Mint Sauce.
- My first ever custom avatar at the Gamespy forums, taken from some Matrix Art.
- My 2nd avatar, taken from Some1's site.
- An avatar I used for a long time, taken from ElfBowling, I added in the cigarette.
- Same as above, but this time i animated the smoke and his eye.
- Used this Icon for "Adventure gaming week", taken from the game Discworld 2.
- I dont know why, but I like this icon of Rolf Harris. I took it from Some1's site.
- After A while I decided to animate his eyes, but changed it back because it was annoying.
- I once saw Nothing's icon and decided to spoof it to annoy him. I ended up starting a small cult.
- I made this for Medium_Tom when he heard about it, but Author had snapped it up before him.
- I used this picture in my "Old Film Week" thread, it is Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now.
- Me and MrZilla got talking on ICQ ages ago, and this is what came out of it. I used it again when he made his "Family of Zilla" Thread.
- This was the one I decided to use in "Sega Week". It is Blanka from Street Fighter.
- This was the 1st one I used in Sega Week, but I didnt like the look of it. It is Alex Kidd.
- So I changed it a bit, but it just didnt cut the shit the way I wanted it to.
- So then I used Sonic the Hedgehog, but it was being used by lots of people, so I used Blanka (Above).
- I used this one briefly, but changed it becuase I found Rolf Harris. (Above).
- "Stick A blue hat on your avatar week". Enough said.
- A modification of the dragon - It has inverted colours.
- It looked like a little irish dude, and I liked it, so i used it. I took it from Some1's site.
- Used it for "Cat Week"
- Added "Plastic Wrap" filter in PhotoShop.
- A simple 1st attempt at the cat week.
- as was this one.
- "Board Guest Week" - Make an Icon that makes fun of the bluehat avatar. I combined easter aswell.
- Unfortunately, the above exceeded the 5kb size limit, so I had to cut it down to this.
- It screws with n00bs heads, as they may click it to reply to my post.